Featured image of post PixelExperience 12 ALPHA 20211031-0531 Unofficial Polaris Build

PixelExperience 12 ALPHA 20211031-0531 Unofficial Polaris Build

Fixed carrier video call.


  • This is an unofficial alpha build, and things are subject to change:
    • Unofficial because official release has not started
    • ALPHA because the source is still work in progress
  • Formatting data with PE recovery is REQUIRED for clean flash
    • DO NOT use any other recovery
    • The firmware is included with a different keymaster.img from perseus. DO NOT flash your own firmware.
    • Keymaster is bumped to 4.0 for encryption, and cust partition is mounted as /metadata. You WILL NOT be able to use TWRP/OrangeFox on PE12.
  • You can dirty flash from my previous PE 12 ALPHA builds.

PE recovery flash guide

  • Download PE recovery provided below
  • Boot your phone into fastboot mode. You can either
    • hold power + volume down button
    • or adb reboot bootloader
    • or use the Reboot to bootloader option in TWRP/OrangeFox
  • Connect your phone to a computer
  • Run fastboot flash recovery pe_recovery_file_name.img in your cmd/powershell/terminal
  • Hold power + volume up to boot into recovery

PE 12 ALPHA flash guide

  • Boot into PE recovery
  • Select Factory reset" --> "Format data/factory reset. You phone should say that /data, /cache, and /metadata have been formatted.
  • Go back to main menu and select “Apply update” –> “Apply from ADB”
  • Connect your phone to a computer
  • Run adb sideload in your cmd/powershell/terminal and wait until it finishes
  • Reboot to system

Device Specific Changes:

  • Fixed carrier video call
    • the issue of phone calls being dropped after a few seconds has been fixed

Feature Update Highlights:

  • Nothing

Known Issues

  • Rounded corner is broken. It does not seem to be an issue on the device side, as debug info reports correct values

Gapps are included.

SHA256: a07975b8b063e0ddf1558308d46e27f9948d55ab2481891fc7939060606219e6

PE recovery: Gdrive | 189 Cloud

PE ROM: Gdrive | 189 Cloud

Please report issues to jjpprrrr.

Licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0
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