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PixelExperience 13 / 13 Plus 20221122-0804 Official Polaris Build

Initial stable PE 13 and 13 Plus release with lots of kernel and device side fixes.


  • Initial PE 13 stable release. Sorry for skipping October’s release and the absence on forums. I was insanely busy with work and other IRL stuff.
  • There will also be PE 12 / PE 12 Plus maintenance builds released in a few hours. They contain the latest November security patch that addresses a severe security vulnerability.
  • PE recovery is REQUIRED
    • DO NOT use any other recovery
    • Partition scheme has been switched to retrofit dynamic partitioning because polaris is running out of system partition space. No actual re-partition is involved. Instead, the physical system and vendor partition is mapped together to form a logical “super” partition. The size of super partition equals the sum of the physical system and vendor partitions. After that, logical system and vendor partitions are created on top of this super partition. In this way, we are essentially redistributing space between the physical system and vendor partition to accommodate for the increase in size of system libraries and prebuilt apps.
    • The firmware is included with a different keymaster.img from perseus. DO NOT flash your own firmware.
    • To switch to other ROMs, format data in PE recovery first, and then install another recovery. You may need to re-flash the required firmware, if the ROM you are going to flash does not include one.
  • You can dirty flash from the previous PE 13 build. You can dirty flash PE 13 Plus on top of the regular PE 13.
  • You cannot upgrade from android 12 builds. Formatting data is required.

PE recovery flash guide

  • Download PE recovery from the official PE website
  • Boot your phone into fastboot mode. You can either
    • hold power + volume down button
    • or adb reboot bootloader
    • or use the Reboot to bootloader option in TWRP/OrangeFox
  • Connect your phone to a computer
  • Run fastboot flash recovery pe_recovery_file_name.img in your cmd/powershell/terminal
  • Hold power + volume up to boot into recovery

PE 13 flash guide

  • Boot into PE recovery
  • Select Factory reset" --> "Format data/factory reset. You phone should say that /data, /cache, and /metadata have been formatted.
  • Go back to main menu and select “Apply update” –> “Apply from ADB”
  • Connect your phone to a computer
  • Run adb sideload in your cmd/powershell/terminal and wait until it finishes.
    • It is normal if you see “Failed to find payload_properties.txt” error. The issue has been fixed in this month’s release. You should not see it in the following updates.
  • Reboot to system

Device Specific Changes

  • Etude kernel: Op.13 No.2
    • Linux 4.9.333
    • built with the latest LLVM Clang 15.0.2 and full LLVM binutils, including the LLVM integrated assembler
    • added time slice duty cycle in wifi_interface_info to address the log spam in android 13’s WiFi HAL
    • added a backport of EROFS from 5.10. Currently nothing is using this filesystem, but we might use it in the future.
    • updated to the latest mainline exFAT driver
    • fixed a mismatched bound in qcacld
    • backported and enabled DWARF5 debug symbol for the kernel build
    • fixed crypto assembly for LLVM IAS
    • DO NOT use another kernel. Just don’t.
  • Enabled zygote critical window
  • More fixes for the new AOSP BT stack
  • Some updates to the USB props and default USB device name
  • Disabled advance network scan because our device is a legacy target
  • Enabled and configured main and telephoto cameras for the Aperture app

ROM Side Changes

  • November security patch
  • Face Unlock is back
  • Translation updates
  • The Plus edition is back. Perhaps not all customization options are here yet. They will be added in future releases.

Known Issues

  • Qualcomm’s WiFi Display (WFD) works fine. However, if you have a saved WFD connection, you may see the screen cast logo appear in statusbar after a reboot. Just press disconnect from the screen cast QS tile if that happens.
  • If you enable bubble for the built-in Message app, the translucent background may flicker when the bubble is activated.
  • Carrier video call may be broken for some carriers. Please disable this feature on your SIM card settings page if your carrier is affected.

Download | XDA thread

Please report issues to jjpprrrr.

Licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0
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