Featured image of post PixelExperience 10 Plus 20200818-0120 Official Polaris Build

PixelExperience 10 Plus 20200818-0120 Official Polaris Build

Etude update, nuked perfd, created dummy perfd client, disabled unused kpi_optimize in audio extension, re-introduced telephony injection, dropped wifi-ext, updated APNs for Chinese carriers, bumped Vulkan feature level, enabled Fast BSS, enabled USAP, added expanded volume panel, and August security patch

PixelExperience 10 Plus 20200818-0120 Official Polaris Build

Device Specific Changes:

  • Etude kernel:
    • Linux 4.9.232
    • built with latest Clang 12
    • wireguard 1.0.20200729
    • disabled LLVM Polly
    • merged some loop device backports from upstream
    • some scheduler changes on idle load
    • upstream on mm, qspinlock, and arm/arm64 specific libs
  • created dummy perfd client so that proprietary perfd blobs can be removed while keeping goodix fingerprint sensor functioning
  • disabled kpi_optimize in audio extension because it tries to call perfd and spams logs when failed
  • re-introduced an updated qti-telephony-common injection to polaris
    • this fixed mms issue on some Korean carriers
  • dropped wifi-ext
  • Updated APNs for Chinese carriers and fixed “HD” capable notification spam
  • Bumped Vulkan feature level to 1
  • Enabled 802.11r Fast BSS Transition and increased max BSS count
  • Enabled unspecialized app process pool

Feature update hightlights:

  • August security patch (android-10.0.0_r41)
  • Reworked incremental update so that now it should work no matter which version of recovery you use and whether it supports system-as-root or not.
  • Introduced expanded volume panel

Gapps are included. Vendor and firmware are included. Dirty flash or incremental updates should be fine if you are on my previous PE 10 Plus build.

Download | XDA thread

Please report issues to jjpprrrr. Thanks PE devs for their hard work on the android 10 version.

Licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0
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