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ROM Flash Guide

for jjpprrrr's android 11 & android 10 builds

ROM Flash guide for PE 11

PE recovery flash guide[Required]:

  • Download PE recovery from the the polaris device page of official PE website
  • Boot your phone into fastboot mode. You can either
    • Hold power + volume down button
    • or adb reboot bootloader
    • or use the Reboot to bootloader option in TWRP/OrangeFox
  • Connect your phone to a computer
  • Run fastboot flash recovery pe_recovery_file_name.img in your cmd/powershell/terminal
  • Hold power + volume up to boot into recovery

PE 11 ROM flash guide[Required]:

  • Boot into PE recovery
  • Select Factory reset" --> "Format data/factory reset
  • Go back to main menu and select “Apply update” –> “Apply from ADB”
  • Connect your phone to a computer
  • Run adb sideload in your cmd/powershell/terminal and wait until it finishes
  • Reboot to system

ROM Flash Guide for other jjpprrrr’s android 10 & android 11 builds

  • Install the latest custom recovery. OrangeFox is recommended
    • Official OrangeFox Recovery Project: XDA Link. Please use version R11.0 or newer.
    • Official TWRP: Link. Please use version 3.5.0_9-0 or newer.
  • If you have been using MIUI or any of its variants, or if you are upgrading from android 10 to 11, you have to format data
    • For OrangeFox Recovery, select Menu –> Manage Partitions –> Data –> Format Data
    • For TWRP, Wipe –> format data
    • After formatting data, you may have to reboot again to recovery
  • Install firmware
    • For android 11 builds newer than 20201011-2020, firmware is included.
    • For android 11 builds earlier than 20201011-2020, install firmware V12.0.1.0.QDGMIXM
    • For android 10 builds newer than 20200323, firmware is included in the ROM and there is no need to install firmware manually.
    • For android 10 builds between 20200214 and 20200323, install firmware 20.1.16
    • For android 10 builds between 20191225 and 20200214, install firmware 9.11.7
    • For android 10 builds earlier than 20191225, install firmware 9.6.27
  • Install ROM
  • Reboot to system

Root and Magisk

  • As for rooting your phone, it is recommended to boot the ROM first without installing Magisk. After booting for the first time, feel free to come back to recovery any time afterwards and install Magisk 22.1 or newer for root.
  • Magisk publishes a special hybrid package after 22.0 version. The Magisk-v22.1.apk, for example, can have two use cases:
    • when installed in android system as a regular apk file, it will install the Magisk Manager app
    • when flahed in recovery as a zip file, it will patch the boot partition and root your device. In order for recovery to correctly identify the Magisk package, rename Magisk-v22.1.apk to and then
      • for PE recovery, adb sideload
      • for TWRP or OrangeFox, press the zip file to install
  • Magisk patches the boot partition to root your device, so any OTA updates or dirty flashing will restore the boot partition and make root disappear. This is normal. Flash Magisk again in recovery to get it back.
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