Featured image of post AwakenOS 1.4 20201209-1633 Unofficial Polaris Build

AwakenOS 1.4 20201209-1633 Unofficial Polaris Build

Thermal tweaks, updated CarrierConfig overlay, reduced minimal screen brightness, cleaned up build flags, sepolicy fix, tons of blobs update, December security patch, and many new Awaken features!

AwakenOS 1.4 20201209-1633 Unofficial Polaris Build

Device Specific Changes:

  • Etude: Op.11 No.1
    • Linux 4.9.247
    • CAF tag “LA.UM.9.8.r1-03000-SDM710.0”
    • wireguard 1.0.20201112
    • DO NOT use a third party kernel without proper support for Pixel thermal hal
  • Relaxed thermal throttling on SKIN type sensors
    • default values from Pixel thermal configs are too aggressive
    • frame drops in longer gaming sessions should be significantly improved
    • also dropped unused thermal configs for crosshatch/blueline DEV/PROTO/EVT boards
  • Updated CarrierConfig and some other telephony overlays from LA.UM.9.8.r1-03000-SDM710.0
  • Reduced minimal screen brightness to the lowest possible value
  • Re-enabled audio custom policy flag and cleaned up flags during android 11 bringup period
  • Addressed some SELinux denials on thermal hal and vendor_init
  • Fixed audio stuttering in video playback, when you are also in a voice call using BlueTooth headset
  • Re-worked TetheringOverlay
  • Updated CNE, IMS, QMI, RIL, GNSS, configstore, msm_irqbalance, peripheral manager, time service, TEE, TUI, ESE power manager, and Secure Element blobs from “LA.UM.9.8.r1-02700-SDM710.0”
  • Removed some unused entries in init script

Feature Update Highlights:

  • December security patch (android-11.0.0_r20)
  • Fixed gesture bar getting stuck
  • Added option for adjusting back gesture height
  • Added option for disabling fingerprint authentication vibration
  • Added quick settings data usage
  • Added support for extended back gesture actions
  • Added some heads-up customizations
  • Added gaming mode
  • Updated AwakenClear theme

Known Issues

  • “OK Google” hot word does not work

Gapps is not included. Vendor and firmware are included.

Google Drive | Mega | BaiduNetDisk Password: 2333

md5: 20d6bd7cee8924c5c6a26df1252f250a

Please report issues to jjpprrrr.

Licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0
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