Featured image of post Evolution X 6.5 06300952 Official Polaris Build

Evolution X 6.5 06300952 Official Polaris Build

Linux 4.9.319, latest LLVM Clang 15, lz4 fast decompress loop, mainline exFAT driver, GL HWUI renderer, redir_party_num, statusbar height fix, June's security patch, and lots of new features!


  • Formatting data and clean flash are required if you come from android 11. Please do not update through OTA if you are on android 11.
  • Encryption is disabled for various reasons. You can keep using the latest TWRP or OrangeFox, but please follow the clean flash guide carefully.
  • Dirty flash is fine from previous EvoX builds based on android 12 or 12.1
  • When switching to other ROMs, you may need to re-flash the required firmware, if the ROM you are going to flash does not include one.

Device Specific Changes:

  • Etude kernel: Op.12 No.4
    • Linux 4.9.319
    • merged CL tag LA.UM.9.8.r1-05000-SDM710.0 into the main kernel and LA.UM.8.3.c25-06200-sdm845.0 into qcacld-3.0
    • built with Prelude Clang based on the latest LLVM Clang 15 source
    • fixed lots of warnings from Clang 15
    • backported lz4’s fast decompress loop from upstream lz4 1.9.3, which offers 10% throughput increase in zram lz4 decompression
    • imported the latest exFAT kernel driver backport from mainline kernel and switched to this driver for exFAT from the old unmaintained sdFAT driver
    • DO NOT use another kernel. Just don’t.
  • Disabled redir_party_num. This should fix the issue of incorrect incoming caller phone number format for some carriers.
  • Dropped an unused DRM build flag
  • Updated deprecated screen power items in power profile
  • Fixed a statusbar height issue after June’s patch
  • Switched back to GL for HWUI renderer (from Vulkan)
    • display artifacts when playing videos in some apps should be fixed
  • Moved to qcom’s unified USB init scripts
  • Used the cgroup and task_profile configs from system directly

Evolution X Updates:

  • June security patch
  • Added a button to reset battery usage stats
  • GameSpace updates
  • Option to configure navbar radius
  • Some more pulse options in Evolver
  • Added battery bar
  • More VoLTE icons
  • Option to skip 3 second timer in screen record
  • More statusbar and QS customizations
  • Brought back lockscreen charging info

Clean flash guide:

  • Install the latest TWRP or OrangeFox
  • If you have the latest OrangeFox R11.1_1, you can simply wipe the cust partition from GUI. With TWRP or older versions of OrangeFox, open Terminal (Advanced/Terminal in TWRP, Menu/More/Terminal in OrangeFox), and run command
    mke2fs -t ext4 -b 4096 /dev/block/bootdevice/by-name/cust
    then enter “y” to confirm.
  • Install ROM in recovery
  • Format data (the one you type “yes” to confirm)
  • Reboot

Gapps, vendor and firmware are included.

Download | XDA Thread

md5: 8b0b0f90302be43c9a97323d1f7f4a3f

Please report issues to jjpprrrr.

Licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0
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