Featured image of post Evolution X 5.2 20201212-0042 Official Polaris Build

Evolution X 5.2 20201212-0042 Official Polaris Build

New Etude, thermal config tweaks, updated CarrierConfig overlay, reduced minimum screen brightness, inlined DPM props, cleaned up audio impls and service, some misc fixes, December security patch, and many new EvoX features!

Evolution X 5.2 20201212-0042 Official Polaris Build

Device Specific Changes:

  • Etude kernel: Op.11 No.1
    • Linux 4.9.248
    • merged CAF tag “LA.UM.9.8.r1-03000-SDM710.0” into the kernel
    • merged CAF tag “LA.UM.8.3.r1-08800-sdm845.0” into qcacmn, qcacld, and fw-api
    • silenced a log spam introduced by wmi ext2 bitmap support
    • DO NOT use a third party kernel without proper support for Pixel thermal hal
  • Relaxed thermal throttling on SKIN type sensors
    • default values from Pixel thermal configs are too aggressive
    • frame drops in longer gaming sessions should be significantly improved
    • also dropped unused thermal configs for crosshatch/blueline DEV/PROTO/EVT boards
  • Updated CarrierConfig and some other telephony overlays from LA.UM.9.8.r1-03000-SDM710.0
  • Reduced minimal screen brightness to the lowest possible value
  • Inlined DPM prop changes from R
  • Cleaned up unused audio implementations and updated audio service name
  • Only build the necessary 32/64 bit version of hal implementations
  • Fixed SELinux context for neuralnetworks hal
  • Re-enabled audio custom policy flag and cleaned up flags during android 11 bringup period
  • Addressed some SELinux denials on thermal hal and vendor_init

Evolution X Updates:

  • December security patch (android-11.0.0_r20)
  • Brought back Smart Charging support
  • Evolver: option to choose screenshot delay
  • Evolver: brought back option to launch default music player on headset connect
  • Allow to hide arrow for back gesture
  • Added Google Sans font overlay (you still need the Magisk module to actually install the font itself. Check Evolution X official telegram channel)
  • Per app network isolation
  • TypeClock: 24h format support
  • Added Divided Lines clock
  • A few more toggles and small tweak options

Notes and Known Issues:

  • “OK Google” hot word does not work

Gapps are included. Vendor and firmware are included. Dirty flash may be fine if you are on my previous Evolution X android 11 build.

Download | XDA Thread

md5: c38cead8b540b3729ddf8c1a5953799e

Please report issues to jjpprrrr.

Licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0
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