Featured image of post Evolution X 5.4 20210211-1145 Official Polaris Build

Evolution X 5.4 20210211-1145 Official Polaris Build

Happy Chinese New Year!

Device Specific Changes:

  • Etude kernel: Op.11 No.2
    • Linux 4.9.257
    • merged CAF tag LA.UM.9.3.r1-00700-sdm845.0
    • backported suspend stats sysfs node
    • DO NOT use a third party kernel without proper support for Pixel thermal hal
  • Satisfied the graceful shutdown of light devices in light HAL
  • Turned pinner on for camera
  • Added vector icons for parts
  • Only show one big core and one little core in overlay through CPUInfo QS tile, to avoid cluttering up screen space

Evolution X Updates:

  • February security patch
  • Evolver: brought back lockdown button
  • Added more clocks
  • Fixed a SystemUI crash when connecting to some Bluetooth devices
  • Fixed incorrect default APN configs for Vodafone AU
  • Phone ringtone settings for duo SIM
  • Brought back long screenshot
  • Made Evolver preferences to be searchable
  • Some fixes on ambient pulse

Gapps, vendor and firmware are included. Dirty flash may be fine if you are on my previous Evolution X build.

Download | XDA Thread

md5: ebe079951fc987c98571449c080bf15b

Please report issues to jjpprrrr.

Licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0
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