Featured image of post Evolution X 5.4 20210228-0619 Official Polaris Build

Evolution X 5.4 20210228-0619 Official Polaris Build

Etude Op.11 No.3, lots of kernel optimizations, improved userspace lmkd, wifi/telephony/gnss blobs update, and new features/fixes from EvolutionX!

Device Specific Changes:

  • Etude kernel: Op.11 No.3
    • Linux 4.9.258
    • merged CAF tag LA.UM.9.3.r1-01000-sdm845.0
    • kgsl: moved fenced write outside spinlock and avoid busy waiting for it to finish
    • kgsl: removed ringbuffer submission profiling code
    • sde: remove VBIF debug code upon commit
    • page_alloc: consider high-atomic reserve in watermark fast
    • wireguard 1.0.20210219
    • used –lto-O3 for LLD
    • limited LLVM IR inlining during LTO to reduce kernel binary size
    • merged module sections with LTO
    • fixed a wrong PM operation in ICNSS
    • enabled inline spinlock
    • enabled Nintendo Joy-Con support in kernel
    • dropped simple_lmk and brought back PSI/MEMCG
    • removed /proc/config.gz hacks that are no longer needed
    • DO NOT use a third party kernel without proper support for Pixel thermal hal
  • Updated hevc encoder performance values from CAF
  • Dropped unused
  • Enabled the improved userspace lmkd on android11
    • it uses “levels and thrashing to prevent memory starvation and performance degradation”
    • verified through lmkd_unit_test
  • Updated wifi display system blobs from LA.QSSI.11.0.r1-09400-qssi.0
  • Cleaned up and updated telephony blobs from LA.QSSI.11.0.r1-09400-qssi.0
  • Imported missing GNSS blobs from LA.UM.9.8.r1-02700-SDM710.0
  • Parts: used all shared resources

Evolution X Updates:

  • Fixed SystemUI crash when navbar is hidden and navbar pulse is on
  • Introduced 404 IDE clock
  • Added more Pixel Sounds
  • Fixed issues with VoWiFi icon
  • Many under-the-hood fixes

Gapps, vendor and firmware are included. Dirty flash may be fine if you are on my previous Evolution X build.

Download | XDA Thread

md5: 3304975d5fde82a09d33978f8df99091

Please report issues to jjpprrrr.

Licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0
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