Featured image of post Evolution X 5.8 20210624-0151 Official Polaris Build

Evolution X 5.8 20210624-0151 Official Polaris Build

Linux 4.9.273, touchscreen lock-up fix, smoother auto brightness, immersive navitation toggle, and the original Pixel launcher.

Device Specific Changes:

  • Etude kernel: Op.11 No.5
    • Linux 4.9.273
    • CAF tag LA.UM.9.3.r1-02300-sdm845.0
    • fixed the touchscreen lock-up after a reboot by switching back to generic drm notifiers
    • upstream fixes on ld-option
    • DO NOT use a third party kernel without proper support for Pixel thermal hal
  • Made auto brightness transitions even smoother by further reducing brightness ramp rates
  • Dropped unnecessary permissions on qvr external sensor nodes
  • Dropped some deprecated flags

Evolution X Updates:

  • Navigation gesture bar hiding options are merged into “Immersive navigation” toggle
  • Switched back to the original Pixel launcher. Some bugs caused by the previous patched launcher may need a clean flash to disappear.
  • Misc fixes

Gapps, vendor and firmware are included. Dirty flash may be fine if you are on my previous Evolution X build.

Download | XDA Thread

md5: 84a345ec860bea383ca7cd8a27b94081

Please report issues to jjpprrrr.

Licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0
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