Featured image of post Evolution X 4.5 20200708-1421 Official Polaris Build

Evolution X 4.5 20200708-1421 Official Polaris Build

Etude Op.10 No.2, disabled backpressure propagation, dropped qti telephony injection, and July's security patch

Evolution X 4.5 20200708-1421 Official Polaris Build

Device Specific Changes:

  • Etude kernel: Op.10 No.2, “Allegro”
    • Linux 4.9.229 and CAF tag “LA.UM.8.3.r1-08100-sdm845.0”
    • built with Clang LTO(Link Time Optimization) and Polly(Polyhedral Optimization)
    • more scheduler and schedtune upstream
    • enabled CONFIG_HZ_300 and disabled core rotation for better load tracking and EAS task placement
  • Disabled backpressure propagation due to slight increase in rate of jank frames
  • Dropped qti telephony injection
    • let me know if on some carriers mobile data is still broken after a phone call
  • Known issue: color calibration in Livedisplay is temporarily unavailable

Feature Update Highlights:

  • July’s security patch (android-10.0.0_r40)
  • Blocked face authentication when device is in pocket mode
  • Fixed active color for some qs tile styles
  • TextClock: Fixed Korean strings

Gapps are included. Vendor and firmware are included. Dirty flash may be fine if you are on my previous Evolution X build.

Download | XDA Thread

md5: ae6bf7a2618b7ec5b930b56797c7a84d

Please report issues to jjpprrrr.

Licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0
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